Research on the topic of bicycle mobility

Research project "Radreisen4All"

Finally! The perfect bike travel app that meets all your needs

In the “Radreisen4All” project, we at cyclebee are developing a customized bike trip all-in-one app in cooperation with the Know-Center that can be adapted to the individual needs and preferences of each user.
This app also allows for collaborative planning in a group and makes it possible to individually plan a bike tour from the arrival to a region to the search for interesting stopovers and accommodations.
With this tool, it becomes child’s play to put together a trip according to your own personal preferences and find the best options to make every bike trip an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your trip together through collaborative functions

Many people go on bike trips in a group or with a partner. However, conventional touring apps do not take into account how people work together in groups. The design of algorithms for sporting experiences focuses on the needs of individuals. Families and pleasure travelers, for example, are therefore hardly taken into account.

Fantastic experiences through a transparent and fair recommendation system

The Know-Center is a renowned research center specializing in the processing of large amounts of data (Big Data) and the development of gender-sensitive recommender systems. These systems are mainly known from online stores, where they display personalized product recommendations. In “Radreisen4All,” the Know-Center is now developing an algorithm that can provide recommendations for bicycle travelers. This involves processing large amounts of data and transforming it into a fair and transparent recommendation system. The result is an unforgettable experience for all users.

Successful baseline survey for research project "Radreisen4All

In the months of September and October, a baseline survey in the form of a survey on different needs of bicycle travelers took place. The aim of this survey was to divide the cycling vacationers into sub-target groups according to their needs. The results of the survey serve as a basis for the design of the app.
In addition, initial companion users had the opportunity to contribute their previous experiences in planning and executing a bicycle trip to the research project, in a focus group discussion in early November. Both the anonymous online survey and the focus group “beeVent” showed recognizable differences in the needs of individual groups of people. This is a clear sign that individual user groups need to be more specifically involved in order to make traveling by bike a relaxing experience for more people.

The voice of the user is crucial This is how regular user engagement creates an innovative app

Feedback loops are an essential part of successful software development. By regularly tweaking the development to the needs of the users, we ensure that the software meets the requirements. To ensure this, we at cyclebee conduct online user tests every two months. The time required to participate in the tests is approximately 50 minutes. While regular participation is recommended, it is not mandatory. In addition to the online user tests, two “beeVent” user tests will take place on-site in Graz. One event is planned for early summer, another for late autumn. Here, a first joint test excursion will already be taking place.

Interested? cyclebee is looking for test users

In order to obtain realistic tests, we are currently assembling a group of testers as diverse as possible. This includes people of different genders, ages and fitness levels, as well as different cycling styles. Solo and group travelers or families with children, with and without experience in bicycle travel are also invited as testers. This results in comprehensive and realistic feedback on the emerging product, which will impress future app users with its great user-friendliness.

Become an associate user now!

The benefits

  • Exclusive insights into the development of the cyclebee app
  • Direct influence on the product
  • Connecting with other cycle travelers and receiving valuable tips and travel experiences, especially for those with no or very little experience with cycling vacations.
  • Free use of the finished app in full functionality.*.


*Requirement is regular participation in the user tests.