Who we are

We are Katharina, Matthias, Daniel, Katrin and
Hannes – five passionate cyclists

We are cyclebee.


Why we do what we do

You have already made a bike trip?
Then find out for yourself:

How many browser tabs do you need to plan your bike trip?

  • 1 Tab: Bike Navigation Tool
  • +1 Tab: Do you have Google Maps open at the same time to view some satellite images or Streetview?
  • +5 Tabs: Do you already choose accommodations during the planning? Yes?
  • +2 Tabs: You probably plan some interesting stopovers at the same time, don’t you? … so let’s look for pictures
  • +3 Tab: … and then travel reports from others?
  • +5 Tabs: You probably also want to know what the weather will be like on the road, right? Not so easy when you are in a different place in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
  • +3 Tabs: Then you probably still compare the three bike rentals on-site?
  • +1 Tab: And you check the regional tourism office website too, right?
  • +1 Tab: Do you already know what you’re going to pack, or do you still have a cycling blog open with the ultimate packing list?
  • +2 Tabs: At least you will probably already have all your equipment ready, or do you really still have online stores opened!?

Count them … That’s over 20 tabs! And you can still keep track of them?

And how much time does it cost you to find out where you can get which info and how you can best organize what?

Or is that why you only go where you already know your way around?

Or is that why you haven’t done any cycling trips yet, even though you’ve been planning to do so for a long time?

easier & faster

We are convinced:
It can be easier and faster!
That’s why we make cyclebee!
So that anyone, wherever they want, can travel by bike at any time – whether alone, with a partner, with the family or in a group!
For the sake of cyclists, the local economy and the environment.